Monday, May 2, 2011

the vampire diaries PART I : the awakening


hari nie nk review satu novel yg sy baru habis baca..
nk exam sempat ag baca novel..tehee
relax2 smbil baca novel after 3 paper in a row..
dh tepu otak..already take 4 pper and another 2 pper to go..
next pper is tomorrow then on 6th mei..

ok continue with vampire diaries's novel..
it comprises of part I: the awakening, part II: the struggle,
part III: the fury, part IV: dark reunion, the return: night fall, 
the initiation & the captive part I and the captive part II & the power.

sy baru je baca yg part I : the awakening..
so i'll briefly story mory about this novel ^_^

there are two brthers who love the same girls. the 2 same girls. the first the girl they like is the vampire. and guess what? the girl (katherine) is the one who responsible in turning them to vampires. katherine don't know to choose between damon salvatore and stefan salvatore because she love both of them. so she decide to turn them into vampire so thet they can live together happily. but it would never happen. finally katherine kill himself. they cannot expose to sunlight. after 5o years damon and stefan live with their own way. stefan live with drinking animal blood while damon drinking human blood so he became more powerfull than stefan. 

at new place stefan met a girl that remind him about katherine. she is elena gilbert. at the same time demon is spying stefan but stefan does't know and he know stefan like elena. there are 3 cases where people have been attacked by mysterious 'thing'. the climax is when mr.tanner, elena' teacher died. people start to accuse stefan because all those attacks happen after stefan came to that place. so elena went to stefan's place to warning him. but when she arrived there stefan not at home. suddenly she saw stefan but his mouth full of blood, and the fierce face, does't not like the stefan that elena love. so stefan have to tell alena everything about himself, about his vampire life, about his brothe demon and about katherine. stefan think he is the person who  make all those attacks but elene believe he is not the one. the question is who is the third party?

 guess which one is stefan and which one is damon?

p/s:wait for the next part to know who the third party who responsible for those attacked..

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